Reiki Healing

An ancient Japanese form of traditional healing designed to provide alignment.

Are you feeling out of balance?

Feel like everything in your life is a struggle?

Are you extremely sensitive to foods and the environment?

If so, then reiki healing is the procedure for you as it involves healing on an auric level, and works on the chakras and astral body.

During a reiki healing session, energy is drawn from mother earth and channelled into you.

Not only is the conventional Usui and Karuna reiki techniques used in this session but also the Egyptian goddess attunements. In 2012, I was initiated into shamanism and gifted by receiving the healer rite.

These attunements now provided me with more insight into what ancient symbols you will need throughout the reiki Healing session.

Reported side effects post sessions are

  • Thirst
  • Either very tired or very energised
  • Feeling a bit spaced out.