Karmic Clearing

You will need to visualise the journey and also actively performing some sort of meditation technique before this session is attempted

Do you feel stuck and can’t move forward?

Do you feel why ME?

Do you feel like you are existing instead of living?

Do you have questions that cannot be answered?

Do you feel like you can’t resonate with belief and old paradigm thinking?

What is holding you back?

During a karmic clearing, only information which is pertinent to come through will surface. If you are stuck in your life and cannot move forward with certain issues, having a karmic clearing is beneficial to unblock the root cause of the issue. The client needs to be able to visualise and also have a reason to conduct a past life regression.

We are born with a number of karmic imprints in our life and our incarnation onto earth is to experience the challenges our soul has set out to experience. You will be guided by your soul when this session is most appropriate for you.

karmic clearing is not a “quick fix”. You will require a minimum of three sessions to clear any imprints your may have.

Please refer to the indemnity form.