Tarot Card Reading

What is Tarot?

The tarot is a deck of 78 mystical cards. 22 of the cards are made up of major Arcana. They represent a specific quality of archetype in your life. 56 of the cards are minor arcana; these represent behaviour, people events ideas and activities in your life.

The tarot is a reflection of you in a mirror. It is a reflection of our emotions, feelings, soul and being. They are like reflections of a pond where the visual images remain the same but vibrate with ripple caused by natural energies like the wind.
The cards reveal the energy and mood that surrounds you and provides you with insight into yourself at any given moment, to open you to choice and most of all to self-discovery.

That tarot is not negative unless the person choices it to be negative. The tarot is beyond our projection of good and bad and only a reflection of energies at the moment.

The use the Raider-Waite deck to perform various card spreads. The following spreads are available for you to choose from:

Tree of life spread

This is by far my favourite spread. It is a 10 card spread that provides you with magical, profound insight into all aspects of your life. It is a very interconnected reading and each card compliments each other. A must try.

Decision making spread

This spread is a 6 card spread. This spread opens your eyes to options and possible outcomes on the decision you require clarity on.

Traditional Celtic spread

This spread is a 10 card spread. Should you have a specific issue at hand I suggest this spread. It will provide you with some clarity on the issue and way forward.

The zodiac spread

This spread is a 12 card spread. I use the 12 astrological signs and houses to provide you with insight into all aspects of your life. Each card draw is symbolic of a specific house and astrological sign and the qualities interpreted accordingly.

The year ahead spread

This spread consists of a 12 card spread, providing you with a concise reading on each month of the year. It is based on an astrological year and not a calendar, meaning that the reading will start with month in April. The insight provided is again choice on how and what to do with the information.

The chakra card spread

This spread consists of a 10 card spread. The cards are using to provide you with a detail chakra analysis. The card is used to determine which chakra is blocked and what could be the underlying reason why it is blocked or imbalanced. This spread is great for discovering where any unknown psychological blockages are and what therefore needs to be expressed or worked through.

What am I doing with my life?

This spread is a 6 card spread and is a life affirming spread that gives you positive direction if you feel stuck or unsure of where to go from here. It enables you to see the past as lessons learnt and move forward with a new perspective into the present and future

Various other relationship spreads are also available; please contact me to discuss the most appropriate one.

Emotional freedom technique

Emotional freedom technique (EFT) works to unblock and heal strong emotions, fears, anxieties, emotional pain, traumatic memories and phobias. It also helps to stop headaches and bodily pain. The technique used is to balance the energy fields of body, mind and soul along with the meridian lines. Tapping and pressing acupuncture points connected with the channels or meridians of energy can help move to the congested areas and promote the healthy flow of energy in the body and mental field.

I use the face and fingers to tap or release the pressure. Through the face and fingers runs a channel of energy connected with an organ and related to an emotion. With strong or overwhelming feelings, energy can become blocked or repressed, resulting in pain or congestion in the body.

Etheric body alignment

Do you feel totally misaligned and not with the flow of life?

Do you feel disoriented?

Do you feel restless?

During the Etheric body alignment session, only the client’s shoes are removed. My hands are placed on the physical body and a specific sequence is used to realign the etheric body. My hands will be placed on the follow points:

  • Feet
  • Knees
  • Hips
  • Shoulders
  • Top of the head

You will be required to drink lots of water after this session.

Energy is drawn from mother earth into my body in order to transfer the energy into the five core points of your body.