This is my personal view and experience on meditation

I have been meditating all my life and I found that books and a lot of material that has been published over complicate meditation. It needs to be simple or else I lose interest.

Meditation is a very simple philosophy it is training the mind to slow down the taught. By doing this it creates a higher levels of awareness and inner calm.

It can be performed with your eyes opened or closed, almost like day dreaming.

The approach I use to meditate

I am barefoot and sit down on a cushion or sometimes a chair, which I have specifically for meditation

I light candles and incense, totally optional some days I do not light any or either or.

I center myself by closing my eyes and imagining that I am a string doll and all strings are aligning me into a proper upright position

As I bring myself into a centering position I then notice my taught non judgementally, and allow them to come through.

In my mind I put them into three boxes, PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE

And I work through them, eventually the taught lesson and when I have no taught I am in a meditation state. Total relaxation with no distractions. I do not want to ask questions in this space, nor clarity or dialogue. This is sacred for me.

I maintain this for at least 15 minutes.

When I am ready I thank myself for the experience and sit for two minutes just to ground myself and what have experienced.

Simple and not complicated.