Crystal Ball Reading

A crystal ball reading is a centuries old methodology used by many gifted clairvoyants to accurately provide clear messages predicting your short term future.

My own personal journey started in 2006 after discovering that I possessed the gift of insight into crystal ball readings. In 2010 I received a crystal ball from a very close mentor / teacher, with the premonition that it would be used at the appropriate time.  After extensive practise and free readings to close family and friends, I opened the readings to the community in 2014.

What to Expect From a Reading

The crystal ball will only provide information to you that you are willing and ready to receive.  I am governed by your personal guides who accurately guide me through the process.

The reading runs for approximately 60 minutes per session.  This is no reflection of the quality of the session.  You need to be open to hear what is ready to surface and not overanalyse the readings during the session.  Should this happen the crystal ball becomes fuzzy and dull and I will need to conclude the reading.  Take the information and process it at your pace.  All readings occur within a safe protected environment.

The five major aspects it covers are

  • Finance
  • Relationship/Family
  • Spirituality
  • Health
  • Past lives

Should you have questions that extend beyond these categories you simply put this into the crystal ball at the beginning of the session.

The crystal ball is not

  • a predictor of death for you or anyone close to you;
  • a long term predictor (it covers three months ahead);
  • a vessel to do readings for anyone other than yourself;
  • a means to guarantee financial gain;
  • a quick fix to any problem, it will provide you with clarity and guidance.

Distant crystal ball reading is also available. I will need a recent pic of yourself, please note that the reading is 60 minutes so you be telephonically engaging with me.

Reading can either be performed telephonically or via Skype.