Chakra Healing

Do you have a history of insomnia, nightmares or bad sleep patterns?

Do you feel that you never quite fit in or feel like people just don’t understand you?

Want things done your way with no compromise?

Then try our effective Chakra Healing approach.

I use chakra stones from India that have the vibration and frequency of each chakra petal, colour and sound.

Chakras are energy centres within the physical body. Once any of the chakras are blocked or unbalance, this cause irritation, stress, diseases and discomfort to the body.

Once chakra’s are balanced it provides a more focused, living with purpose philosophy and more clarity on situation /s.

I use various crystals, stones and rocks obtained from various sacred sites that I have travelled over the past few years.

I intuitively use these to restore, realign, balance and centre the various chakras.

A combination of Indian, Egyptian and Peruvian techniques are used during the Chakra Healing session.

Reported side effects that emerge post crystal healing are

  • Thirst
  • Either very tired or very energised
  • Feeling a bit spaced out