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Aura sprays, see below

Looking for purpose

A positive disposition creates the best in every situation and attracts more positivity.

This acts as a magnet and will flow onto others who will act in a positive way to find your soul purpose.


Be all that you want to be.  Brings strength to your goals and aspiration.

Use this when you need to be in your full power as a leader, a healer, or any position that allows for leading the pack.

Grounding & Clearing

Opens the earth star chakra and allows you to ground more.Clears your aura field and also allows you to be “in your body”

Use this when you feel ungrounded and scattered. Working with people on a daily basis can drain one’s aura, this helps to restore the auric field.

Letting Go

Letting go of any negative energies and hurt that is causing you to move forward as an authentic human.
Use this when you are having difficulty in forgiving others that have cause fear, anger, doubt and worry to you.

Love & Compassion

Connecting to the deep source of wisdom and love within and to the highest universal energies
Use this during meditation or spiritual practice or when you wish to connect with your intuition and inner guidance.


Release self-judgement, criticism and opens your heart in order to nurture yourself. Just a need to pamper your inner child
Use this when you are being judgemental to yourself or others and you feel a sense of guilt and regret towards yourself and others. This will help with self-love, empathy tenderness and warmth.


Creates a shield of energetic protection around you to restore and protect your energy also preventing others from draining you.
Use this when you feel you need to clear your aura or feeling very drained and tired.

Sacred Heart & Unconditional Love

Opening your heart to the world, living from a soul purpose. Activating the flame within your heart.
Use this when you feel you need to do from a soul perspective. Love all and see the beauty in all.

Divine Connection

Opening yourself up to the upper chakra’s to anchor wisdom and love and work with the highest universal source energy
Use this before meditation or any spiritual work. Enhances your intuition and inner guidance as well as the upper chakras.

Peace & Harmony

Ideal in creating a harmonious space and dispelling negativity.
Great for creating a soft romantic atmosphere at home and can promote a good night’s sleep.

Abundance & Prosperity

Attracting what is rightfully yours to share with the world. You deserve to flourish and prosper.
Use this not only for financial flow but also for abundance of health, wealth and good fortune.


Left and right side of body

Bring the left and right side of the body into total balance. Use this when you feel that you not in balance between the logical and emotional mind.  Also related to the male and females side of yourself.

Twin flame

Marriages between self needs to happen first, before you want to attract a worthy soul mate.  Use this should you wish to release any self-worth and acceptance wounds.


We are all interconnected in the universe. Once the realisation happens that we are interconnected, we start respecting & helping each other. Use this before when you are struggling to come to terms with that you are more than a physical body on earth.  Should you be on a healing path, use this when you connect with universal and global energies to do any distant energy work.


Vibrate at a level of number 8 which is infinity.  The sky is the limit in terms of your potential.   Use this when you are looking at a new beginning in your life.  Can be used business or personal project.

Cutting cords

Taking a stand and setting a boundary that which no longer serves you and toxic for your wellbeing is now released.  Use this after any cord cutting session to re-enforce the session.


Self and others

Forgiveness starts with you.  Once your forgive yourself, to forgive others becomes so much easier. Use this when you are struggling to forgive yourself and stand up for yourself.  Leave the past where it belongs in the past.  Start on a clean slate and move on.