Mindful Healthy Fusion Cooking

Mindful Healthy Fusion Cooking, on the 9th July 2017

Living in an age where we obsess over MasterChef and every other cooking show on the Food channel, while eating takeaway dinners or hopping from one restaurant to another in search of that perfect culinary experience...and yet, it’s all a 21st century cheat to all of our five senses. Join in on a monthly Sunday treat to immerse yourself into the fusion theme, which will start with a meditation and followed by a mindful fusion cooking lesson...read more

Rebirth Into The Embryo

Rebirth Into The Golden Embryo (Class Three), on the 29th July 2017

I would like to share this unique programme with you, the rebirth with an energetic pyramid and allow your soul the opportunity to restore, repair and revive itself via...read more