Oil Treatment Specials

Oil Treatment Specials
  • Shirodhara third eye warm oil, dripping of warm herbal oils on the brow (third eye) to allow for the removal of any blockages, physical more
  • Trinity Kundalini (Nadi) Warm Oil Treatment is a unique technique that involves the dripping of warm herbal oils more
  • Quintessence is the essence of the number 5. In ancient and medieval philosophy it is the fifth and highest essence more

Unleash The Goddess Within

Unleash The Goddess Within Via The 888 Lion's Gate Portal, on the 12th August 2017

As a woman, we perform multiple roles on a daily basis...a nurturing mother, a twin soul to your life partner, a confidant to your siblings, a devoted daughter, a fiercely loyal friend / colleague, a soulful healer, a mother in law. This session will be working with a trinity energy linked to the 888 Lion’s Gateway. The Lion’s gate is key in activating the three key relationships that more

Rebirth Into The Embryo

Rebirth Into The Golden Embryo (Class Three), on the 26th August 2017

I would like to share this unique programme with you, the rebirth with an energetic pyramid and allow your soul the opportunity to restore, repair and revive itself more