The Unleash the Goddess Within

The Unleash the Goddess Within Via The 13th Womb Rite Activation, on the 4th November 2017

As a woman, we perform multiple roles on a daily basis...a nurturing mother, a twin soul to your life partner, a confidant to your siblings, a devoted daughter, a fiercely loyal friend / colleague, a soulful healer, a mother in law, or daughter in law...and the list goes on.
We create a presence that is fresh and inviting, but assertive. We are the silent grace that...read more


Healing The Wounded Inner Child

Healing The Wounded Inner Child, on the 18th November 2017

The Inner Child is the aspect of each of us that is child-like: full of wonder and innocence, playful, spontaneous, in the moment, delicate...read more

Planetary Reading and Healing

All planets vibrate at a speed and generate the frequency. They rotate on the same axis. The rhythm and balance is the same. So if they are co-ordinated and are meant to work in our favour do they affect us in a challenging way? Curious about what 60 minutes will bring to your life and how to change your conscious to allow the planets to work in your favour.

Past karma plays a very important and significant part of your life. Karmic imprints are stored in your entire physical body and energy bodies. This results in unhealthy and toxic relationships, illness, diseases, misery and failure......contact me via email to book your session.