Releasing 2017 ceremony & Anchoring infinite possibilities in 2018

Releasing 2017 ceremony & Anchoring 2018, on the 20th December 2017 at 18:30

2018 vibrates at a numerology number 2 which symbolizes the principle of coming together…it is all about partnership, both internal and external. The number also vibrates to bring about the energy of balance, peace and harmony on all levels, mind, body and soul. It’s time to bless all the challenges, lesson’s we have learnt and all that we have experienced in 2017. It is also the time for us to express our soulful gratitude for all that has been experienced in 2017.

The element of FIRE is used in this ceremony. Fire is known to transform things and is the only element that shines…water can sparkle but only when it is reflecting the brightness of the sun. Various herbs and spices are mixed together and will be offered to the sacred fire to symbolically release the energies of 2017. It will then be followed by specific herbs to anchor and ground our intentions for 2018.

Join me on this auspicious day to release the old and anchor in the new.

Planetary Reading and Healing

All planets vibrate at a speed and generate the frequency. They rotate on the same axis. The rhythm and balance is the same. So if they are co-ordinated and are meant to work in our favour do they affect us in a challenging way? Curious about what 60 minutes will bring to your life and how to change your conscious to allow the planets to work in your favour.

Past karma plays a very important and significant part of your life. Karmic imprints are stored in your entire physical body and energy bodies. This results in unhealthy and toxic relationships, illness, diseases, misery and failure......contact me via email to book your session.