Who is Pathway to Nirvana?

We live in a society where success is measured by impressive titles. Women work hard to climb the corporate ladder and often sacrifice themselves in a quest to achieve the six figure income – the proverbial dream. The allure of living in comfort outweighing the sacrifice. This often results in people living existential lives, moving in autopilot and not actually taking a moment to remain still. Childhood dreams are often supressed, if not entirely dismissed. Sound familiar?


Tarot card reading

The tarot is a deck of 78 mystical cards. They represent a specific quality of archetype in your life. The tarot is a reflection of our emotions, feelings, soul and being.


Crystal ball reading

Crystal ball reading is a centuries old methodology used by many gifted clairvoyants to accurately provide clear messages to predict short term future.


Karmic Clearing

If you are stuck in your life and cannot move forward with certain issues, having a past life regression is beneficial to unblock the root cause of the issue.

Spiritual Balancing, Cleansing and Healing

Chakra healing

Chakras are energy centres within the physical body. Once any of the chakras are blocked or unbalance, this cause irritation, stress, diseases and discomfort to the body. Once chakra’s are balanced it provides a more focused, living with purpose philosophy and more clarity on situations.
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Crystal healing

Crystals are nature best gift to man. Crystals have a unique vibration resonance, they are all unique in size, colour, quality, energy and frequency. Crystal play a vital role in extracting, absorbing, disintegrating and transmuting energy.
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